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Narcos - Season 1 poster
Biography , Crime , Drama
Negara: USA , Colombia , Mexico
Release: Aug 28, 2015
Sebuah drama berdasarkan kehidupan terkenal Kolombia raja obat bius Pablo Escobar. Sebuah melihat me... Lihat Detail
Narcos - Season 3 poster
Biography , Crime , Drama
Negara: USA , Colombia , Mexico
Release: Sep 01, 2017
Setelah Kematian Musim Pablo Escobar Tiga Pergeseran Fokusnya Pada Kartel Cali Pernah Dijuluki Ldquo... Lihat Detail
Narcos - Season 2 poster
Biography , Crime , Drama
Negara: USA , Colombia , Mexico
Release: Sep 02, 2016
Season 2 picks up di mana Season 1 tinggalkan dengan Escobar (Wagner Moura) di jalankan dari penjara... Lihat Detail
The Great Heist poster
Crime , Drama , Thriller
Negara: Colombia
Release: Aug 14, 2020
TV series follows the robbery of Colombia's central bank in October 1994 when a thieves made off wit... Lihat Detail
Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord poster
Biography , Crime , Drama
Negara: Colombia
Release: May 28, 2012
The exploits of the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar.... Lihat Detail
The Hidden Face poster
Comedy , Drama , Mystery
Negara: Colombia , Spain
Release: Sep 16, 2011
Sebuah konduktor orkestra Spanyol berkaitan dengan hilangnya misterius pacarnya.... Lihat Detail
The Belko Experiment poster
Action , Horror , Thriller
Negara: USA , Colombia
Release: Mar 17, 2016
Dalam sebuah eksperimen sosial bengkok, sekelompok 80 orang Amerika terkunci di kantor perusahaan be... Lihat Detail
Beyond Food poster
Negara: Brazil , Colombia , USA
Release: Jul 01, 2017
Beyond Food explores the ways a group of extraordinary people live amazing lives, eat delicious food... Lihat Detail
Malcriados poster
Negara: Colombia , Argentina
Release: Apr 01, 2016
This is a Colombian remake of the Mexican movie "Nosotros los Nobles". Three rich adult children are... Lihat Detail
Colosio poster
Negara: Mexico , Spain , France , Colombia
Release: Jun 08, 2012
It's 1994 in Mexico, the nation was witnessing a turbulent year since its beginnings. An indigenous ... Lihat Detail
Ricardo Quevedo: Hay gente así poster
Negara: Colombia
Release: Jan 24, 2018
Droll comic Ricardo Quevedo hits Bogotá with a set that touches on embarrassing misunderstandings, ... Lihat Detail
Madre poster
Negara: Colombia
Release: May 22, 1926
A young innocent girl, jealously guarded and protected by his mother, is in the midst of the conflic... Lihat Detail
Wild District poster
Action , Crime , Drama
Negara: Colombia
Release: Oct 19, 2018
After surrendering to Bogotá police, an ex-guerrilla avoids prison by working undercover to investi... Lihat Detail
Nicky Jam: El Ganador - Season 1 poster
Biography , Music
Negara: Puerto Rico , USA , Colombia
Release: Nov 30, 2018
Follow Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam's struggles to overcome drug addiction and rise to international s... Lihat Detail
Green Butterflies poster
Negara: Colombia
Release: Jul 20, 2017
Mateo is an intelligent boy who falls in love with Daniel, but when everyone reveals that relationsh... Lihat Detail
Wajib poster
Negara: Germany , Colombia , Saudi Arabia , France , Norway , Qatar , Palestinian
Release: Aug 20, 2017
After years abroad in Italy, Shadi returns to his native Nazareth. But this is no spectacular homeco... Lihat Detail
Always a Witch poster
Drama , Fantasy
Negara: Colombia
Release: Feb 01, 2019
Time-traveling witch from the 17th century escapes death and finds herself in modern day Cartagena.... Lihat Detail
We Are The Heat poster
Negara: Colombia
Release: Feb 26, 2019
In the crime filled city of Buenaventura, Colombia, a group of friends prepares for a dance competit... Lihat Detail
Birds of Passage poster
Crime , Drama
Negara: Colombia
Release: Aug 02, 2018
During the marihuana bonanza, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia,... Lihat Detail
El Piedra poster
Negara: Colombia
Release: Oct 15, 2018
The hardest blow is to be forgotten.... Lihat Detail
Green Frontier poster
Crime , Thriller
Negara: Colombia
Release: Aug 16, 2019
When a young Bogotá-based detective gets drawn into the jungle to investigate four femicides, she u... Lihat Detail
Monos poster
Adventure , Drama , Mystery
Negara: Argentina , Colombia , Germany , Netherlands , Sweden , Uruguay
Release: Sep 05, 2019
On a faraway mountaintop, eight kids with guns watch over a hostage and a conscripted milk cow.... Lihat Detail
Running with the Devil poster
Crime , Drama , Thriller
Negara: Colombia , USA
Release: Sep 20, 2019
A leader of a drug cartel sends his two toughest henchmen to investigate why a shipment was botched.... Lihat Detail
The Unremarkable Juanquini poster
Negara: Colombia
Release: May 15, 2020