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Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula poster
Action , Horror , Thriller
Negara: Korea
Release: Aug 06, 2020
Peninsula takes place four years after Train to Busan as the characters fight to escape the land tha... Lihat Detail
The Prisoner poster
Negara: Korea
Release: Jul 23, 2020
A film about a detective who participates with the fight club in the prison after chasing a criminal... Lihat Detail
OK! Madam poster
Action , Comedy
Negara: Korea
Release: Aug 12, 2020
A delightful action comedy about a couple, a restaurant manager and a computer repair expert, who mu... Lihat Detail
Ip Man 4 poster
Action , Biography , Drama
Negara: Hong Kong
Release: Dec 20, 2019
Plot unknown. The fourth installment of the Ip Man franchise.... Lihat Detail
Eight Hundred's March To Beipo poster
Action , History , War
Negara: China
Release: Feb 09, 2020
In order to rescue Li Xifeng, the soul of the army of China, who was trapped by 100,000 barbarians i... Lihat Detail
#Alive poster
Action , Drama , Horror
Negara: Korea
Release: Jun 24, 2020
a disaster film about a city infected by a mysterious virus and the survivor who is isolated in the ... Lihat Detail
Gong Fu Zong Shi Huo Yuan Jia poster
Negara: China
Release: Apr 09, 2020
The young and vigorous Huo Yuanjia was only focused on "subjugating people by force", and therefore ... Lihat Detail
Bodyguard poster
Action , Drama
Negara: Korea
Release: Apr 15, 2020
A woman who appears like fate, I will protect her till the end! 'Soo-han' who lost both her loved o... Lihat Detail
Justice High poster
Action , Comedy
Negara: Korea
Release: Mar 05, 2020
Today is righteous Chae-young’s first day of her transferred school after beaten a bully to nothin... Lihat Detail
Looking for Jackie poster
Action , Comedy , Family
Negara: China
Release: Jul 03, 2009
Jackie Chan adalah tak terkalahkan Guru Kung Fu yang piring keluar tindakan dalam gaya tradisional J... Lihat Detail
Huo Jiaquan: Girl With Iron Arms poster
Action , Martial Arts , Romance
Negara: China
Release: Jul 01, 2020
A young girl with magical powers is trafficked to Shanghai by her smoke-addicted parents to become a... Lihat Detail
Search Out poster
Negara: Korea
Release: Apr 15, 2020
Trainee policeman, 'Sung-min' and job seeker, 'Jun-hyeok' were suspicious about a suicide incident o... Lihat Detail
Jebat poster
Drama , Action
Negara: Malaysia
Release: Sep 03, 2020
Jebat (Sharnaaz Ahmad) is a former gangster leader who migrated and wants to start a new life as a f... Lihat Detail
Train to Busan poster
Action , Horror , Thriller
Negara: Korea
Release: Jul 20, 2016
Hukum Marsekal dinyatakan ketika wabah virus misterius mendorong Korea ke dalam keadaan darurat. Ora... Lihat Detail
Transformers: The Last Knight poster
Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Negara: USA , China , Canada
Release: Jun 16, 2017
Optimus Prime menemukan planet rumahnya, Cybertron, sekarang planet mati, yang datang untuk menemuka... Lihat Detail
On Your Wedding Day poster
Comedy , Romance
Negara: Korea
Release: Aug 22, 2018
A man receives a wedding invitation from his first love who he met in high school.... Lihat Detail
The Housemaid poster
Drama , Thriller
Negara: Korea
Release: May 13, 2010
perselingkuhan seorang pria dengan pembantu rumah tangga keluarganya mengarah ke konsekuensi gelap. ... Lihat Detail
The Beauty Skin poster
Fantasy , Mystery , Romance
Negara: China
Release: Jul 16, 2020
The story is adapted from Pu Songling's original book Liao Zhai's Strange Stories. The story is abou... Lihat Detail
Thug Teacher poster
Negara: Korea
Release: Aug 26, 2019
Na Dae Gi was the leader of a student gang and had power over all high schools in his area. He decla... Lihat Detail
Pets United poster
Animation , Adventure , Comedy
Negara: China , Germany
Release: Sep 11, 2020
When Roger (a Robin Hood-esque, stray dog) and Belle (an elegant yet spoilt pet cat) are thrown toge... Lihat Detail
Crocodile Island poster
Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: China
Release: Feb 04, 2020
Daerah sekitar Laut Setan juga dikenal sebagai Segitiga Bermuda Asia. Karena gangguan elektromagneti... Lihat Detail
Parasite poster
Comedy , Drama , Thriller
Negara: Korea
Release: May 30, 2019
All unemployed, Ki-taek's family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for thei... Lihat Detail
Ordinary People poster
Action , Crime , Mystery
Negara: Korea
Release: Nov 07, 2018
The film is about a physical education teacher named Gi-cheol who is assigned to a countryside high ... Lihat Detail
Iron Man 3 poster
Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Negara: China , USA
Release: Apr 18, 2013
Kurang ajar-tapi-brilian industrialis Tony Stark menghadapi musuh yang jangkauan tidak mengenal bata... Lihat Detail